Technical parameters

Power supply : 380V/50Hz or customer specification

Input power : 2.0Kw

Dimensions :(Width×Depth×Height): 2000×1930×1700mm

Air pressure : 0.5~0.8MPa

Air consumption : 80-L

Main-shaft Revolution : 2800r/mm

Processing profile height : 30~120mm

Processing profile width : 20~120mm

Weight : 580Kg


Professional used in cleaning the welding tumour in 90°corner of external for window frame and sash, the upper and lower of profile.

It has multi-function such as vertical milling, saw milling and broaching and so on.

Two-axis CNC cleaning the corner of processing flow controlling make the operation is easy.

Adopts industry grade computer system, closed-loop controlling, ensures high precision.

Interface in figures and diagrams which can display directly the moving trace of the cutter.

It is simple, direct-viewing with the demonstrating program function,can set two-dimension processing programming by CNC controller Equipped with USB connection may connect with external store.