Technical Parameters

Input power : 4.5 KW

Input voltage : 220v/50hz

Air pressure : 0.6-0.8MPa

Air consumption : 200L/min

Welding height : 20mm-120mm

Max welding width : 120mm

Welding Range : 400 t0 4500mm

Overall dimension : 5400*1000*1700mm

weight : 1900kgs


It can complete the whole welding work along.

This machine features advance technique ,pneumatic drive, PLC control, stable capacity and simple operation.

Machine heads can work separately or jointly, one head can weld various angles . The left head can move 20mm by following the track.

Every head has their separate location structure, pressing structure , heating structure and head box.

High welding precision and convenient maintaining.

Imported temperature controller and other main electric components.