Technical parameters

Input power : 3.55 Kw

Input voltage : 380v/50hz

Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa

Air consumption: 200L/min

Saw Blade Rotary Speed: 3200r/min

Saw Blade diameter: O 450

Cutting profile height: 120mm

Cutting profile width : 200mm

Cutting length (Min-Max) : 580-3700mm

Overall dimension : 4500*1170*1500mm

Weight : 1000kgs


Used for aluminium and UPVC profile cutting processing with saw head adjusting to 45°-90°

Carbide saw blade gives accurate processing and high endurance

The two heads can work independently or work together.

Cutting off required length and two end angles are available by one processing.

It features wide cutting , high productive eflciency and it suit for mass quantity , continuous and multi-various production.

This machine features pneumatic drive , linear and steady feeding.

The movable saw head is dragged by the motor with easy operation.

The cutter is alloy saw plate with high precision and long service life.

It also features hard structure and stable capability.